Cancels collecting


Stamps and Cancels are integral and collecting them is a great pleasure, showing the exhibition page looks more convincing if accompanied by Cancels.


Collecting Cancels chronologically is a time travel into the history of Israel since its establishment, see Event Cancellations or Cachets Covers.


There are not many collectors of Cancels because the only way to get them is by subscription to the philatelic service, which requires purchasing all the thousands of Cancels sequentially, while we're not interested at all in most of the stuff.


The shops have long ceased to trade with these items. Therefore, here we come "Bait Tov", and make available all the Cancels in a search engine by topic, so that each Cancel was allocated to the subject (subjects) and associated settlement. This way the collector can easily find a Cancel (like a stamp) on any subject he likes.


In addition there are Post Offices Open Cancels from the various settlements, even someone who is not a stamp collector might be interested in Cancel of opening the branch of his settlement. Select your settlement from the list and be surprised: the list is divided to settlements within Green Line and those beyond Green Line.


Up to the 1980's there were also Slogans Cancels, something nostalgic nice to remember with.


All Cancels come on a clean envelope with a stamp from the same date as seen on the example - stamp on the occasion of the appearance 'endangered species' in 2011.


Suppose you are from Tiberias or just interested with, is after you see here will not want to have such a collection that is the history of the city? can be placed as a picture at home or office, all this only for some dollars. This example brought a settlement which has fairly large number of items, every settlement and his story one with more  and one with less.


If you haven't convinced yet by Tiberias, perhaps also look at what is happening in Nazareth or in Bethlehem?