Key: 5580  
Group: Europe, West
Volume: 57
Issued: 117 Stamps / dead country

Area - 8,379; Capital - Iraklion
A former Turkish administration, the largest Greek island in the Mediterranean
Sea, south east of Greece. Under Turkish control until 1898 when internationally
occupied by British, French, Italian and Russian powers (see under
CRETE, British P.O., CRETE, French P.O., CRETE, Italian P.O.,CRETE, Russian P.O.).
Austria also kept a post office on the island (see CRETE, Austrian P.O.). Crete was officially
united with GREECE (HELLAS) at the London Treaty of 1913, following the Balkan Wars.
Stamp issuing between 1900-1910.
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ELLAS in Greek script overprinted on stamps of Crete

      Official Stamps
      Postage Due Stamps
      Revolutionary Assembly 1905
100 Lepta = 1 Drachma
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