Key: 5392  
Group: Europe, West
Volume: 55
Issued: 25 Stamps / dead country

Area - 5,922; Capital - Klagenfurt
The southernmost Austrian province, bordering on Italy and Yugoslavia with a large Slovene population. In 1919 nationality was decided by plebiscite and the territory was divided into zone A and zone B, zone B voting only in the event that the plebiscite in zone A came out in favor of YUGOSLAVIA. Voting in the southern zone A (the Klagenfurt region) took place on 10 October 1920 and was in favor of AUSTRIA.
In 1920, 19 Austrian stamps with the Gothic character overprinted 'Karnten Abstimmung', also 6 Yugoslav stamps were overprinted and surcharged with interesting Art Nouveau overprints 'KGCA' = Koroska Glasovalna Cona A.
Both issues were sold at post offices at three times the face value.
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KARNTEN ABSTIMMUNG overprinted in Gothic script on stamps of Austria
KGCA etc... overprinted on stamps of Yugoslavia

      Austrian Administration 1920
      Yugoslav Administration 1920
100 Heller = 1 Krone
100 Paras = 1 Dinar
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